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Baby listening device and alert for hotels:

Baby Listen

Baby Listen is a small telecom emergency device. Its main operation is to alert parents or reception in a hotel when a baby that sleeps in the room starts to make noise (cry). The alert signal comes to reception’s phone or to parents’ phone (mobile or dect). The alerted person can hear the baby from his phone. Moreover, the parent can hear the baby or any other sound anytime, by making a call to the room.

All operations are enabled by the parent and are password protected.

Its operation does not need a special wire network because the device is connected in parallel with the room’s telephone set. It’s a very low power device and it works powered only by telephone line.

An input for switch connection is also included. This can be used to connect the bathroom’s a pulling alarm switch or a smoke detector.

This way the device can be used for bath or fire alarm signaling as well.

Normally, the device is delivered in a dedicated plastic “box” but there is the possibility to be delivered as an electronic board in order to be connected permanently, in the telephone set or in the telephone socket.

PCB  dimensions:  47 x  28  x 15 mm

Box  dimensions:  65 x  38  x 21 mm

Current consumption  2 mA