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GSM Multi Control:


GMC-67 (GSM Multi Control) is a remote controlling system through the GSM network. GMC-67 has a total of 13 ports. The first 6 of them are inputs and the rest 7 are outputs. The functioning of the ports can change. They can all configured as inputs, while some inputs can configured as analog inputs or inputs for temperature sensors (thermistor). In addition, two of them can become microphone input and voice output for a headphone or amplifier.

It can be configured very easily (through a computer or  SMS messages) in order to function as: GSM remote control operated by up to 4 cell phones, alarm, remote temperature monitor and alarm, Remote listening and announcing system. And of course, thanks to the many inputs it has, combination of the above functions can be applied in one device.

All the above functions are realized with the activation of all or some of the following options we have via the GMC.

Define up to 4 phone numbers which will be able to control the system.

Turn on/off or momentarily on the outputs by sending an SMS.

Receive a phone call when one of the inputs is activated.

Connect a thermistor and define the acceptable limits of the temperatures.

Connect any other sensor which has an analog output and define the acceptable voltage limits.

Have a complete report via SMS for the status of all the inputs and outputs when one input is activated.

Define the alarm causes for which each of the 4 phone numbers will receive a report.

Request through an SMS or an unanswered call a report for the condition of the inputs and outputs, at any moment.

Arm and disarm any of its inputs through an unanswered call.

Receive a confirmation SMS for armament/disarmament.

Connect a siren and define the number of cycles of its function.

Define the maximum number of the SMS reports that will be sent.

Connect a microphone or / and a speaker.