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Fixed Cellular Terminal:


ReCT-3 is an FCT device. It’s connected either to a telephone set or to a private branch exchange (as a GSM gateway) or an alarm or an elevator phone and it forwards the calls through GSM. A SIM card is necessary for its operation.


ReCT-3 is offered in 3 types:

1. Simple ReCT-3, which has a main application in telephony.

2. ReCT-3A, which has an output which turns ‘Low’ when the PTT line is disconnected, and an input which when turned ‘Low’, the calls will be done through GSM, regardless of the PTT connection. ReCT-3A has an application in alarms.

3. ReCT-3S  has three additional inputs and outputs. We can connect relays to the outputs and contacts to the inputs. This way, in addition to its function as a Fixed Cellular Terminal:

This way, with ReCT-3S we can operate from afar boilers, central heating, air-conditioning etc and be alerted with an SMS when an alarm sounds or a door opens or the level of water drops in a tank or any other status from a switch, thermostat, flotteur etc.

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